Monday, September 28, 2015

From Summer to Fall - Signs of the Change in Seasons

September 23rd was the official first day of autumn and right on time, the signs of a change in the seasons are becoming obvious here in the northeast corner of Washington State.  I thought it would be fitting to start the entries of our new life to coincide with a change of seasons.

Ripening Pumpkins

Our pumpkins are turning orange in the garden.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflowers are fading and forming seeds.

Red Blueberry Leaves
The leaves on our blueberry shrubs are turning red.

Garden Spider Spinning a Web
An enormous spider is spinning a web on the apple tree.

Cattail Seeds Blowing in the Wind
The cattails are going to seed and dispersing in the wind.

Paddle-tailed Dragonfly
A beautiful dragonfly with tattered wings rests on a leaf.  The once plentiful numbers flying around our pond are now reduced to just a few.


  1. What beautiful photos of the changing season. I've never seen cattail go to seed.

  2. Thank you for visiting - I'm glad you enjoyed!

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